Fly Fishing in Italy 

On our guided fly fishing trips, you´ll enjoy fishing in the most beautiful rivers in the Italian Alps.⚠️IMPORTANT: We have access to the best private river sections !

Fly fishing in Northern Italy is simply spectacular. The Italian Alps offer fly fishermen the chance to catch marble trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, Arctic char and grayling, all the while, exploring one of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes.

Our Fly Fishing Trips in Italy:

Best months to fish in our Italian destinations:

Photos of our clients fly fishing in Italy during the past year, 2023:

In Italy, there is a saying that goes, «A picture is worth a thousand words.» In this section, we showcase a carousel of photos guiding our clients over the past year. Click on the image to see them all.

Our fly fishing guide company in Italy:

Alps Fly Fish was the first specialized fly fishing guide company to offer fly fishing trips in Italy. We have been operating in the Italian Alps for over 10 years. Our team of fly fishing guides has extensive experience, holds certifications from the Italian Association of Professional Fishing Guides, is accredited by the International Game Fishing Association (IGFA), and is qualified as a Guide at Fly Fisher International (FFI).

Our goal is to guide you to the right place and time to provide you with the best fly fishing experience in Italy. We offer customized and tailor-made trips, advising you based on your expectations and travel dates.


  • We have access to the best private fishing grounds in Italy. Where you can fish for big brown trout, rainbow trout and marmorata.
  • We offer three different operations in various locations in the Italian Alps.
  • We strive to offer an unparalleled fishing experience. Our expert local guides will take you fishing and immerse you in our culture, history, fauna, flora, and customs.
  • All our guides have a minimum level of English proficiency.
  • We are a 100% legal travel agency with civil liability and accident insurance.
  • We will recommend the best accommodations for enjoying fly fishing in Italy.


Italy is also an excellent fishing destination for couples. Not only can you enjoy fly fishing in breathtaking locations, but you can also explore historic Roman monuments, visit world-famous operas, savor Italian cuisine and wines, or discover charming national parks. For all these reasons, we also offer activities for non-anglers.


Buy your fishing trip in the italian alps now

Our fly fishing trips in Italy focus on three locations in the heart of the Italian Alps:

  • Trentino Alto Adige
  • Valtellina-Val Chiavenna
  • Valsesia

We also offer guided fishing excursions departing from Verona, Brescia, and other cities in northern Italy. Our operations center is located within a 2-hour drive of international airports such as Milan Bergamo or Verona. We provide all-inclusive guided fly fishing trips starting from your hotel. Our fishing vacation packages include airport transfers, meals, accommodation, licenses and permits, fishing gear, guided fly fishing, and the option to provide alternative activities for companions. As local fishing guides, we want you to experience a unique fly fishing adventure in Italy! Feel free to inquire about alternative activities for companions.

Example itinerary:

  • Day 1: Arrival at Milan-Bergamo or Verona airport and transportation provided to our operations center.
  • Days 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6: Early breakfast at the hotel. Transportation provided by guides to the fishing area. Guided fishing day with a tasty picnic near the river, followed by return to the hotel and dinner.
  • Day 7: Breakfast and transportation provided to Milan-Bergamo or Verona airport.

Best Fly Fishing Rivers in Italy:

Our guided fishing trip in the Dolomites Alps sets off from the town of Ponte Arche, located just 15 miles from Adamello Brenta Nature Park. From this strategic point, we have access to a multitude of rivers, streams and mountain lakes.

1. Alto Chiese
The Chiese River, and its tributaries, are born from the glaciers of the Alps. Its waters are crystal clear and the fish are medium-sized.
In Alto Chiese, you will find a fishing utopia surrounded by incredible alpine landscapes in the heart of a natural park. This area is also suitable for hiking and dry fly fishing. The rivers do not require great technical knowledge of fishing and most fishing spots are within a 30 minute-drive from our operations center.
The kind of fish you would expect to catch in this region are chars, brown trout, graylings and perhaps a surprise or two.

2. Alto Sarca
The Sarca River is known to be one of the spots where the World Fly FIshing Championship was held in 2019.
In this river, with its strong current, you can catch marble trout and large trout hybrids.
Sarca river is located at the bottom of the valley next to Trento and 30 minutes by car from our operations center. It is a medium-sized river, and it is not recommended for beginners.
There is plenty of opportunity for all techniques including; dry flies, nymphing and streamer fishing. You can expect to catch marble and brown trout, Arctic char and grayling.

3. Val di Sole
The Val di Sole is located in the Alpine valley in the Trentino-Alto Adigio region, about 1.5 hours from our hotel in Ponte Arche.
This valley has a plethora of whitewater rivers that offer a great opportunity for dry fly fishing. There are also some mountain lakes where you can sight fish for trout.
4. Val di Fiemme
The Avisio river in the Val di Fiemme offers fishermen the opportunity to catch the famous marmoratus trout and other large species of fish.
This area can be easily accessed by driving an hour and a half from the town of Ponte Arche.

5. Val di Non
Noce River, in Val di Non valley, is a slow moving stream that runs through a plain where hatches are large in number. Some common fishes you can find here are nice brown and marble trout. It is located less than 50 minutes away from the town of Ponte Arche.


When is the  best time of the year to fly fish in Italy?

Trentino region in the Italian Alps is suitable for fishing most of the year, it offers one of the longest fishing seasons in all of Italy; opening in mid-February and closing at the end of October.
Depending on the month of the year the river conditions vary:

  • February, March and mid-April: at this time of year the rivers flow low since the thaw has not yet started. Although water is cold, fishing conditions are great. Fish are active in the central hours of the day.
  • End of April and May: it is the month of the thaw; therefore, water levels are higher. At this time of the year we fish in the tributary rivers.
  • June and July: all rivers flow with good water levels. It is a beautiful time of the year since the Alpine mountains are green and filled with flowers. The fish are active all day.
  • August and September: these are excellent months for fishing. The water flow lowers and it is the perfect time to fish in many rivers and gorges that are inaccessible during the rest of the year.
  • October: the arrival of Autumn is spectacular in the Alps. Trees turn red and yellow and trout prepare for the breeding season. During this time of year trout are the most active.
Val di Fumo and Mount.Carè Alto

Licenses and permits for fly fishing in Italy

In order to fish in Italy, you will need to acquire a fishing license and a day permit depending on the waters you would like to fish at. Fishing is regulated locally in Italy, so the license or permit will depend on the region you want to fish in.
When hiring the services of Alps Fly Fish licenses and day permits will be taken care of for you, we will just ask for some information beforehand.
To obtain the fishing license in Italy it is necessary to take a fishing exam. As a specialized travel agency, Alps Fly Fish is in the position to directly apply for the fishing licenses for our clients. We will also take care of acquiring daily fishing permits and choosing the best fishing spots depending on the time of the year.
All these procedures are included in our fly-fishing vacation packages in Italy.


What are the best flies for fly fishing in Italy?

We mostly use European flies for fly fishing in Italy, but we also do use other American patterns.
Our guides will stock you with all sorts of flies for fishing, we know the most successful flies for every river and time of the year.
In broad strokes, we would recommend the following:

  • Mountain streams: we usually fish with big attractor flies. Winter is long in the mountains so trout and char try to consume as many calories during the summer as they can by attacking all kinds of flies that fall into the water. They usually are not very selective.
  • Mountain lakes: in mountain lakes, we usually sight fish using small nymphs or dry flies. On other occasions, when the wind does not allow us to see the fish, we fish streamers on heavy lines.
  • Middle course of rivers in valley areas: in these areas, we alternate nymph fishing using «pellets» with dry fly fishing. These are more technical rivers, fish are competitive and more selective. You and your guide will have to work hard in order to catch a trophy trout.

What’s the best fly fishing gear to fish in Italy?

It is difficult to choose «the perfect rod» to fish in all the rivers of the Italian Alps.
If we had to choose just one, we’d pick a fast action #5 9ft rod.
In the rivers of Italy, we don’t need heavy lines because the fish are not large. With this in mind, we need precision and easy handling.
Number 3 line 8.6 ft. rods are suitable for fishing in small mountain streams, and, in the case of lakes, #6 lines will do the job.
Regarding the reel, automatic ones are very helpful since they allow us to pick up the line very quickly in the mountain streams. In Italy, we frequently use Franco Vivarelly reels.


Our Fly Fishing Lodge in Italy:



Hotel Villa Madruzzo: elegant, historic, near Trento. Offers luxury, national and Trentino cuisine.


La Fiorida Agriturismo Valtellina offers a unique blend of nature and luxury with refined cuisine, a large wellness center, and spacious rooms. It’s a top retreat in Valtellina with two restaurants, one boasting a Michelin star, and farm animal interaction.


The Hotel Albergo Italia in Varallo, once a convent, offers simple rooms with free Wi-Fi in the town center. It boasts a renowned restaurant, a 19th-century grand salon for events, and a charming rear garden for relaxation and gatherings.

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