Top 10 rivers for Fly fishing in Slovenia

Slovenian rivers are considered some of the most spectacular in the world. The incredible management of its different fishing clubs coupled with the beauty of its waters and landscape have turned this country of the Former Yugoslavia into a real paradise for lovers of fly fishing.

To fish in Slovenian rivers a fishing license – permit is required, which is often more than 100€ and provides access to a single stretch of river and day. These fishing permits can be obtained at various hotels, gas stations, fishing shops …
Slovenian rivers possess diverse species for fishing such as Marble Trout, Brown Trout, Adriatic Grayling, Rainbow trout, Danube Salmon among others.

Our company works from a strategic point of the country from which we have access to almost all Slovenian River within a maximum radius of 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Slovenian rivers:

  • Soca: The Soca River and its tributaries are one of the most spectacular rivers in the world. We can fish Marble Trout, Adriatic Grayling and Rainbow trout from its emerald waters.
    The fishing season starts in April and ends in October.


  • Sava Bohinja: a spectacular river that alternates crystalline bottom currents and houses large rainbow trout, brown trout and even large Danube salmon.
    The fishing season starts in March and ends in November.


  • Idrija: The river Idrija and its tributaries are characterised by alternating currents with beautiful pools and in some of them live huge Marble Trout.
    The fishing season starts in April and ends in October.


  • Radovna: Located near Bled this is one of the most beautiful and fun rivers for fishing in Slovenia. Their fish are small, but the environment is unique.
    The fishing season starts in March and ends in November.


  • Kokra: is a small alpine mountain river, which is fun for fishing with dry fly. Adventurous anglers will be able to enjoy catching brown trout, rainbow trout and some Adriatic grayling in a tributary of the Sava located very close to the city of Bled.
    The fishing season runs from April to October.
  • Unec: it is one of the best Chalk Streams in the world for fishing Adriatic Grayling. The fishing season goes from May to November but due to the dry season, certain months of the summer are not ideal for fishing.


  • Krka: it’s a river of dark water which houses large brown trout, rainbow trout and Danube salmon.
    The fishing season runs from March to November.


  • Vipava: is one of the best rivers for trophy marble trout fishing, it has tributaries of great interest.


  • Savinja: this is another tributary of the river Sava, which is near the Bled and of ideal for fishing small marble trout.


  • Lepena: is a magical river tributary to the Soca. It is ideal for fishing in incredible landscape surroundings.

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